Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wedding Veil (Customade)

Special request from Kak Raja from Kelantan for her Engangement Day! Congratulation dear !

This veil is for my friend Ayu for her Engagement Day. Tahniah Ayu ! Color chosen is pink + blue.

This veil is for Solemnization of Kak Sha's sister. Peach color veil with heavy beaded on top. Btw, Kak Sha juga menyediakan pelamin-pelamin indah untuk mereka yang bakal bertunang mahupun berkawin. Boleh rujuk ke page :

For this lovely pink veil, I made it special for Kak Seri for her Wedding Day. Fully beaded with color that chose by her. Congratulation Kak Seri !

Last but not least, this customade veil is worn as shawl for my sister annual dinner in UITM. Simple but adorable for young girl like her. Selamat Makan banyak Gendut ! Hehehehe.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email me or directly pm me at my facebook page : Art of Dazzling Beads !

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