Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Handmade Handbouquet ( Soft Pastel 3D Flowers)

A very exclusive handbouquet made with love for my bff. Hopefully this present will make your wedding day prettier with our neverending friendship.
For order SMS or Whatsapp 0146049980

Wedding Veil

Simple wedding veil with soft pastel beads color and roses. Totally handmade.
For orders please do SMS or Whatsapp me at 0146049980

My Schoolmate Wedding Dress

This is my schoolmate dress and veil. We were known each other since we were 7 years old.
Now it is almost 20 years we were friends and still counting.
This is a very sophiscated type of lace. But I have to make I very simple yet pretty for my lovely dear friends.
Thanks for trusting me darl.
Wish you a happy marriage life till Jannah.


Chiffon 3D Flower

Trend menggunakan handmade bunga 3d untuk deco deco baju. Memang cantik kalau kena gaya kan. Antara orders yang terdahulu .
If nak order boleh SMS @ Whatsapp 0146049980 .